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Find Somebody to Love

Artist : Maya Chance

Writer/Producer : James Watson

Label  : D- WAT Studio Record

Track : 5 Song

Release Date: March 29, 2022

BIO: James Watson

 It seems like yesterday since Covid became a part of our lives and kept us secluded and socially restrained, and this is especially true when you are retired. Being secluded inside your house for long periods of time, you lose count of the days, and the month roll past you fast. But Covid did make us realize the importance of social connection with others in our everyday lives with the people we care about the most as well missing the social interaction of everyday people we meet.

Because of the Covid protocol, I quickly had to find other ways of keeping myself mentally and physically busy to ward off the boredom in a new world of isolation. As a boy growing up and playing in Junior high school band playing the trumpet and wanting to emulate Louis Armstrong, I was passionate about music but did not continue to peruse it because my parent couldn’t afford to buy me a trumpet when I reached High school.

 Covid and the new technology gave me a second chance at getting back to something I always love but never had the time nor the money to do so, which was to write and produce my own music. I pull out all those songs I had written down over the years on scrap papers somewhere in my office and began changing some of the lyrics on some songs while other times I just began to write and compose new song lyrics day and night. The first album the hardest sometime having to work sixteen-hour days for months to get it produced, and by the way my first album included a poem as it relates to Colin Kaepernick protesting brutal killing of Black Americans, “In the land of the free where everyone wants to be Free” available on all the music channels.

ALBUM: Find Somebody to Love

After writing and producing the second album with all five songs completed and listening to all the songs on the album, I began to realize the entire Album is about relationships with either money as in Money, Money, Money, or broken relationship as in Hey Mister Business man between Husband and wife and family but also you must have a special relationship with God as in the song “If you want to get to Heaven.

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